The history of mozzarella cheese, the world’s most versatile (and tasty) product

There’s nothing quite like sinking your teeth into fresh mozzarella cheese. On a pizza, in a toastie, plated with tomato and olives, as fried mozzarella sticks or in a pasta… it doesn’t matter, you can’t go wrong. 

Award Winning Mozzarella From Cottage Cheese Farm

How is Mozzarella Traditionally Made?

Originating from Italy (of course), mozzarella is made with fresh milk by the pasta filata method (which means “spun paste”, referring to the way the curd is stretched). 

A whey starter containing thermophilic bacteria is added, followed by Rennet to coagulate the milk. The curd is separated into 2.5cm pieces, ready to firm up – a process known to cheesemakers as ‘healing.’ 

The curd is cut again, stirred and heated to separate the curd from the whey. The curd forms a solid mass, until the pH is around 5.2 – 5.5 which, at this stage, the cheese is ready to be worked with. It’s an intricate, delicate process that requires skill, attention, and a solid recipe. 

Mozzarella is a popular ingredient for restaurants, pizza shops, and Italian eateries. Add some mozzarella cheese to pizza, pasta or a savoury dish and it’s sure to be a hit.  

Types of mozzarella (no one does it better than the Italians) 

The word Mozzarella is derived from the Neapolitan dialect, meaning ‘cut’ or ‘to cut off’. Back in the 12th century in Capua, Campania (southern Italy), a monastery offered pilgrims a piece of bread with mozza. 

Today, there are many different variations of mozzarella cheese. As with any recipe, it evolves and transforms over the years, to appeal to the time. The most popular mozzarella cheese types include: 

  • Fior di Latte Mozzarella: It’s made with cow’s milk 
  • Bocconcini: A ball of mozzarella cheese about the size of a small tomato 
  • Treccia: Stretched into strips, not balls 
  • Stracciatella: It comes from the Italian word ‘shredded’; this type is a stretched, shredded mozzarella cheese. 
  • Burrata: A pouch-like product that’s made with cow’s milk, filled with Stracciatella and cream 
  • Mozzarella di Bufala: Rich and creamy, it’s made entirely with buffalo milk. It’s the best buffalo mozzarella option. 
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Award Winning Mozzarella Produced At Cottage Cheese Farm Melbourne

Is mozzarella cheese healthy? 

Mozzarella cheese is low in sodium and calories, compared to many of the other types. Not only does it taste good, no matter which way you dish it, mozzarella contains bacteria that act as probiotics – which may improve gut health, promote immunity, and fight inflammation

At Cottage Cheese Farm, we maintain the traditional cheesemaking process. As a wholesale mozzarella cheese supplier in Melbourne, we supply high-quality mozzarella and bocconcini to restaurants, pizza shops, Middle Eastern and Turkish bakeries, and Italian eateries. General public can also buy our award-winning mozzarella from our retail outlet in Broadmeadows. If you want to buy fresh mozzarella from your local leaders, look no further. It’s authentic mozzarella cheese, without travelling to Italy. 

Our mozzarella has twice been awarded the IXOM award for best pasta filata in Australia, in the Dairy Industry Association (DIAA) 2016 and 2020 Australia Dairy Products Competitions. We have also won multiple gold and silver awards over recent years in the DIAA competitions.  It’s no wonder that our mozzarella is in demand by Australian businesses. 

If you’re looking for wholesale mozzarella products or a pizza cheese supplier near Melbourne, contact us on 03 9359 0439 or fill in the contact form. Over the years, we’ve perfected our award-winning cheese range.

See our string of mozzarella cheese awards, and please, come and try it for yourself. 

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