Add healthy haloumi to your menu this summer. The Cottage Cheese Farm haloumi sells itself

When it comes to cheese, there’s one kind that’s unlike the rest. Haloumi.  Add it to cheese manakish or Turkish pide, grill it for salad or burger or simply eat it on its own. You’re only limited by your imagination. Once you start eating haloumi, it’s hard to say no to seconds. 

It’s so good, we’re dedicating a whole resource to it. 

So, what is haloumi? 

You’re probably wondering, what haloumi cheese is made from and why is it so delectable? It’s a white cheese made from curd and poached in the whey. Haloumi boasts a high melting point, so you can fry or grill it – making it an awesome meat substitute. It’s one of the few cheeses that doesn’t melt because it’s already boiled and poached at a high temperature. This makes it a treat to cook with. 

Just type ‘best haloumi cheese recipes’ into Google and your mouth will undoubtedly start salivating. What makes this cheese so popular, along with its taste, is its versatility. 

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Award Winning Haloumi From Cottage Cheese Farm

How haloumi was traditionally made 

Haloumi originates from the eastern Mediterranean coast, with close ties to Cyprus. It’s been produced there by a multi-ethnic population for many centuries. It also has roots in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Turkey. However, the name of the cheese likely goes back to second-century Roman-conquered Egypt. 

Traditional haloumi was made with a mix of cows, sheep and goat’s milk, as cows were scarce on the island of Cyprus until the 20th century. It was also more expensive to commercialise, as many people were using cow’s milk. As demand grew, the ‘recipe’ evolved. 

Our range includes both Cyprian and Lebanese haloumi, plus individually-wrapped flavoured Haloumi. Try our chilli flavoured Haloumi for a little extra zing or low-salt haloumi pieces for your health-conscious customers. 

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Cyprian Haloumi Production At Cottage Cheese Farm
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Lebanese Haloumi Production At Cottage Cheese Farm

Is it haloumi or halloumi? 

This is a little like donuts or doughnuts. There’s a bit of confusion because the word haloumi isn’t an English word, it can be spelled both ways. Haloumi is called Hellim in Turkish, Khalloumi in Cyprian, Hallum in Lebanese, and Halumi in Egyptian. 

Who loves haloumi?

No matter how you spell it, one thing remains consistent: people love haloumi. Cyprus, European, Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine celebrates it. But it’s easy to find on menus in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In 2013, the UK recorded the highest demand in Europe and the UK, only after Cyprus. 

Haloumi has become a staple particularly in Australia, now also in many non-Middle Eastern restaurants. It’s a ‘cool’ menu item. 

Is haloumi cheese good for you?  

Haloumi lovers, say cheese. You’re about to smile from ear-to-ear. Because haloumi is a white cheese and normally consumed fresh, it’s healthier than the more mature alternatives. Keep an eye on how it’s prepared. If you fry it in a sea of oil, this will, of course, change its nutrient value. 

Cottage Cheese Farm’s haloumi maintains the traditional taste. Our cheese makers stick to the original recipe but cook it with cow’s milk. Our haloumi is also certified halal, thanks to the vegetarian Rennet we use to make our cheeses. 

Haloumi’s versatility inspires creativity in professional and home kitchens. You can create or improve just about any dish or snack… grilled haloumi flatbread, spicy haloumi fries, portobello and mushroom haloumi sliders, haloumi with tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. The list goes on. 

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Bring Back Your Grandma’s Recipe With Cottage Cheese Farm

Your wholesale haloumi supplier in Melbourne 

Restaurants, cafes, and Middle Eastern and Turkish bakeries use our haloumi as an ingredient in a myriad of dishes. If you’re Googling, ‘where can I find haloumi cheese’ in Melbourne, you don’t have far to look. Many green grocers and independent supermarkets in and around Melbourne stock our haloumi products. The general public can also buy our award-winning haloumi from our retail outlet in Broadmeadows. 

Looking for a haloumi cheese wholesaler? Got questions or ready to buy haloumi in bulk? Contact us on 03 9359 0439 or fill in the contact form. This is as authentic as haloumi gets… and your clients will know it. 

Some say it’s the best haloumi cheese Australia has.