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Cottage Cheese Farm and Mediterranean Cheeses were created by Antonio Cristiano, an Italian immigrant who grew up on a small dairy farm in Southern Italy.  Wanting to recreate the authentic cheeses he experienced as a child, he established Cottage Cheese Farm and Mediterranean Cheeses which quickly grew to be a well-recognised brand in Melbourne’s North and now supplies customers throughout Melbourne and Australia.  The business is now being carried on by the next generation of the Cristiano family.

In 2014, Cottage Cheese Farm was awarded a grant by the Australian and Victorian Governments pursuant to the Melbourne’s North Innovation and Investment Fund (MNIIF) to assist in relocating the business to a modern, brand new facility in Maygar Boulevard, Broadmeadows.  Cottage Cheese Farm expects to move to its new premises in late 2015.

Cottage Cheese Farm and Mediterranean Cheeses now supplies a broad range of quality cheese and dairy products including mozzarella, haloumi, ricotta, fetta and yoghurts.