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Stretched Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella is the best cheese to have in a restaurant (and your customers will agree).

Oh, the wonder that is mozzarella. The way it melts so perfectly on pizza and waterfalls down a sandwich. It … Read more

Middle Eastern Shanklish

Mozzarella & Middle Eastern cheese (akkawi, baladieh & shanklish) are popular in restaurants and at home. Here’s why.

The Middle East might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of cheese. But some … Read more

Add healthy haloumi to your menu this summer. The Cottage Cheese Farm haloumi sells itself

When it comes to cheese, there’s one kind that’s unlike the rest. Haloumi.  Add it to cheese manakish or Turkish … Read more

Mozzarella From Cottage Cheese Farm

The history of mozzarella cheese, the world’s most versatile (and tasty) product

Learn why mozzarella cheese is a favourite in Melbourne restaurants, pizza shops and eateries. We make fresh mozzarella daily.

The Age -Epicure Good Food Guide article

Thanks to The Age for the snippet in The Epicure Good Food Guide on 16/06/15, mentioning Cottage Cheese Farm’s recent wins … Read more