Mozzarella is the best cheese to have in a restaurant (and your customers will agree).

Oh, the wonder that is mozzarella. The way it melts so perfectly on pizza and waterfalls down a sandwich. It can be fried and crumbed into mozzarella sticks or turned into mac and cheese. That stretch is uniquely mozzarella cheese. 

While it’s loved for its flavour, mozzarella cheese is praised by chefs (professional and domestic) for its versatility. It’s a type of cheese that can be adapted into almost every recipe – making it a must-have ingredient for every restaurant, especially pizza shops and Italian eateries. And as a wholesale cheese supplier in Melbourne, we know just the spot to get it. (Yes, it’s a dream to run one of Australia’s best cheese companies). 

Mozzarella has a soft, silky, milky and mild flavour. It’s considered one of the healthier cheeses, due to its high levels of calcium, protein and iron (and low portion of fat and sodium). 

The science behind mozzarella (and the stretch) 

That famous cheese stretch, when you pull a slice of pizza and the mozzarella is hanging off. Or that gooey melted, mozzarella mac and cheese, that you can’t stop eating. That’s the ‘mozzarella stretch.’ 

Stretched Mozzarella Cheese

The science behind this stringy consistency is thanks to the milk containing proteins that consist of coiled-up chains of molecules. As the cheese is made, these proteins separate during the curdling, resulting in curds. With mozzarella, the curds are put into hot, salty water, which uncoils the proteins and transforms them into long strands. Repeatedly compressed and extended, these strands line up and, ta-dah… the famous ‘stretch.’ 

Mozzarella is safe to eat, with or without cooking it 

While mozzarella is a famous pizza topping, there are so many ways to enjoy this cheese. It pairs well with bread, meat and vegetables, either melted or fresh. Mozzarella evokes a different experience when served hot or cold. Cook with it or use it as a topping in a main dish. Serve it as a cold appetiser with a drizzle of olive oil, fresh tomato and basil. Whether mozzarella is the hero ingredient or if it’s just adding extra flavour, you can create culinary magic with this cheese. 

And really, who isn’t cheese obsessed 

Mozzarella is a cheese that sells itself. It needs no introduction and while there are some alternatives (like provolone), there’s nothing like mozzarella. It’s one of those ingredients that features on appetiser, entrée and main menus – in the form of cheese boards, mozzarella balls, sliders, pizzas, sandwiches, paninis, pasta, chicken ‘parmy, and just about every other type of food that’s good in the world. 

Melbourne’s Cottage Cheese Factory 

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